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A Custom Home Contractor in Mooresville, NC

Solid, reliable experience
At Clodfelter Construction, based in Mooresville, NC, we work with our clients to give them the look and feel they expect from a top custom home contractor company. From pouring foundations to the last roofing nail, we treat every home we build as if we were going to be living there ourselves.

Our clients build upon land they own and often bring us their plans, on which we can make recommendations to fit their needs best. You can trust the solid work we do at Clodfelter Construction. Our employees are simply the best in the Mooresville area, and our combined years of experience add up to one thing: a successfully completed project for our clients.

Site planning

Successful home construction projects begin with extensive site planning. We provide all site preparation work, to ensure that the lot on which a new home will sit is conducive to the home that's going to be built there.

The terrain and ground conditions in the Mooresville area can be vary, but we take all the guesswork out of the equation before we begin. We guarantee it.
Home construction site
Example of home construction in Mooresville, NC

Attention to detail

When you put your trust in Clodfelter Construction's home construction team, you're putting your trust in the best hands in the Mooresville area. We provide construction services that are solid, well constructed, and guaranteed to last. No detail is beneath notice. We offer many choices in materials for siding from brick, hardy board, stone, vinyl, and more!

We do our own trim work, including mantles, fireplaces, crown molding, and other detail work that you require. We do most everything, but when a sub-contractor is used, it's a local contractor.

Safety first

Not only are we concerned with the quality of our work at Clodfelter Construction, but we're also concerned about the safety of everyone involved in our home construction projects.

That's why we never skimp on the materials we use in our projects. We work with the family owned Hoke Lumber Company – Providing moisture controlled lumber, used for foundations and more. We will also assist you in product selection for your new home.
A custom home contractor in Mooresville, NC
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